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Perfection is a myth, to be sure, but that’s no reason to stop striving for excellence in our work.

And while everyone has their own idea of what makes for a creative masterpiece, when you’re looking at a specific type of work, these 5 Sign Design Elements rock at performing results.

The Right Information

When it comes to the functionality of signage design, one of those essentials is quite simply the details being presented to the viewer. That sign you are looking at had better communicate the information you are looking for in order to be successful. So you have to ask yourself: Does my sign include every detail people need it to? Is all of it absolutely necessary? Is any of it superfluous?

Pleasing Aesthetics

While the information being presented is of the utmost importance, aesthetics are nearly just as critical. Ugly signs can certainly communicate the right information, but of course beautifully designed signage can and will engage the viewer in a more meaningful way.

Good Ol’ Legibility

Whether a sign is meant to help viewers navigate their way or identify what’s in front of them, and regardless of whether it captures people’s attention with its beauty and interest, it’s vital that its information be communicated clearly. Sounds obvious, but when you’re designing on a screen, at a smaller scale most of the designs look great. But when you blow that sign up in a restaurant or business, things can go wrong really quickly. That cute graphic element that looked great on your iMac is now the size of an insect.

Brand Connection

Can things still go wrong if a sign is aesthetically pleasing while communicating the right information in a legible way? They can indeed if the overall piece doesn’t have a strong enough connection to the brand.

It’s important that signage connects to a company’s brand… Ways to accomplish this can be through, color, material, typography and integration. It may look like just a sign, but at the end of the day it is an integral part of navigating through a space.”

A Great Experience

The overall experience, from the moment you’re welcomed inside really matters. It’s about building a rememberable experience through the signage.

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