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Fire Testing Our Sign Panels

We like to have confidence in the integrity of the materials we use for sign substrates, so we took a propane torch to one of our standard Aluminium Composite Panels. We're pretty happy with the result of this self extinguishing product.

GoogleOut with the old…. In with the new…

Did you notice the new logo from Google? People change the look of their logo and brand for many different reasons, either for repositioning in the market or changing with the times to make the logo more modern.

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file extensionsLogo File Extensions Explained

If you have worked with a designer to create your logo, you’ve most likely received a number of file formats of your logo.

The files extensions should have three or four letters (eps, jpeg, png, pdf, jpg). So why do you need all these different files? Why can’t you open some of them? 

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Colour Sells

Colour is a physical phenomenon, but from a sales point of view colour is people.

People decide which colours will sell and people decide whether they will pass over a product because they do not like its colour.

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Type Impact vs DinBold isn’t always better…

“Please make the text bolder…” “Can you make the text wider…” “…Nice bold font please” “Make the text stand out and be bold…” “Strong Bold font…” “…That text is to skinny” “bold, all capitals…” 

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Caution Loud MusicThe Bar Room Brawl

In the days of my misspent youth, I occasionally entered a pub or a nightclub, sometimes a basement alley bar and even the occasional live music venue.

Obviously, I was there for research purposes, checking out the signs in those establishments to see what worked best. Referring back to my notes I recall that the beer signs were effective … so too the wines. Sometimes the single malt scotch signage was poor and several times the toilet directional signs could be improved!

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Ice creamShared Expectations

Well,  what did you expect?

I’m not sure if you’ve experienced a very awkward moment brought on by a complete mismatch of expectations.

With names being changed to protect the innocent, I once had one of these moments.

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Spot The AnthropologistEvery Signwriter Should be an Anthropologist!

It’s a classic scenario – a client calls up and announces they need some new signage, could we please come down and help?


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Gamut ChartWhy Colour Consistency is Critical to Your Business Image

Have you ever thought that your logo reproduced on a business card or sign seems to be a bit different to how it looks on screen? You’re probably right, and here’s our attempt at simplifying why this happens.

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Sign MaintenanceSign Maintenance

Your signage can be a significant investment, so it’s in your best interest to ensure that it lasts!

Over time chalkiness, dirt, dust, fumes and mold can deteriorate and stain your signs. Just as you wouldn’t leave your car unwashed for years and expect the paint to stay looking like new, your signs also need regular maintenance to look their best. 

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Resolution vs Size

A common question we’re asked at the design stage is if files being supplied are suitable for use on a sign.

Recently we were asked to consider a 4x2.4m wallpaper while being supplied a 255x197 pixel photo. If you haven’t already picked up the potential problem, it’s best that you read on.

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Sign Size

As another helpful addition to our [Resolution vs Size] post, here’s a guide to deciding on minimum text height at varying viewing distances.

Often in our travels we notice billboards, car magnets, and other signs of all types that aren’t legible when passing by. If the text is too small, you can’t very well expect your customers to read it!

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